STARS - Senior Transportation and Relationship Services

This is a community outreach initiative to provide transportation for our senior citizens to and from healthcare appointments, grocery stores, pharmacies, shopping centers, religious events, social events and more. Our volunteers are hands-on and stay with the senior during the appointment.  This creates the opportunity for companionship and availability for assistance if any is needed.
All volunteers must carry their own personal automobile liability insurance, and have completed a thorough background investigation as well as an approved caregiver and driver education course.
UMI uses Barber’s Driving School’s vehicles and instructors to help fill in the gaps of our volunteers in special circumstances.   This program is well needed and will be of great benefit to our community and our seniors.   While volunteers are the life-blood of this organization, we are fortunate to have the option of providing the services of a Barber’s Driving School licensed professional driving school instructor for those appointments volunteers cannot fill.


Our STARS outreach program is much more than a ride! STARS-Senior Transportation & Relationship ServicesWe need volunteers to help minister to the most vulnerable in our society. Sydney is blind and faces many challenges in his life, but being hungry or needing a ride to the doctor shouldn't be one of them. Sydney, like so many of our elderly and disabled clients called today after having called every friend and government agency asking for assistance he could think of ...he called me and said he was hungry and no one could help! Get on board and do a little volunteering to help. I promise the reward is so overwhelming and great you will want to do it every day!

Posted by Al Barber on Thursday, March 22, 2018