Physical Health Classes

Physical Health Classes for Seniors

Physical Health Classes-1st Wednesday of each quarter

PHY101. Physical Health for Seniors (Exercise and Hygiene) - Free

Proven ways to maintain optimum health while aging. A sample of exercises and frequency to maintain muscle mass and balance. Understand the importance of sleep, minimizing stress, and maintaining good hygiene for sensitive skin.

PHY102. Nutrition and Aging (Food, Vitamins and Water) - Free

How to maintain the special nutrient needs of older adults. Explore the macro and micronutrients, importance of fiber for intestinal health, fats, calorie needs, frequency of meals, and water intake to minimize dehydration.

PHY103. Reducing Accidents (In home-In Vehicle and in other places) - Free

Methods to maintain the safety of the elderly by minimizing clutter, trip hazards, maintaining a well-lit environment, travel safety tips such as limiting errands to good weather days. Learn the most common in-home injuries and how to prevent them.

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