Financial Health Classes

Financial Health Health-1st Friday of each quarter

FIN101. Employment-Career Planning / Skill Building - Free

Reflect on your current skills, strengths, and talents and understand how they can be transferable to employment. Examine methods to project confidence, positivity, and sharpen problem-solving, time-management, and other soft skills necessary to bring success to an organization. Review resources to find free courses, job shadowing / volunteer opportunities, and easy-to-attain certifications in technical fields that can lead to profitable occupations.

FIN102. Homelessness-Minimizing Homelessness for Victims - Free

Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness. Early intervention can have a major impact in minimizing homelessness for these victims. Exploring and removing barriers to affordable housing, employment, and health and social services are other catalysts to prevent homelessness. Building community partnerships and building career pathways in schools can help educate and transition teens from high school to a career path enabling a young adult to live above poverty level.

FIN103. Financial- Elder Fraud (Beware of the scam artist) - Free

Understand behaviors that can help avoid becoming the victim of scams. Learn methods to protect against elderly financial abuse. Understand who to contact for help if you have been the victim of fraud. Learn techniques to keep important documents and information such as your security numbers, financial information, credit report, personal information, and mail private.

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