Sparrow Software

Sparrow is a communication software program that supports the sharing of our client's examinations, tests, certifications, documents, records, identification, and reports among our partners. The sharing of client information and the UMI Final Report helps our partners too evaluate the need for assistance being requested by clients for possible One-Time Assistance, Short-Term Assistance, or Long-Term Assistance. Besides, Sparrow maintains records of all distributions of products/services from our Resource partners to clients, which helps to eliminate overlapping, duplicated, and fragmented services. Sparrow will also help eliminate the theft of our resources from both individuals and businesses.

Sparrow supports the sharing of client information in three different types of accounts, Provider Partners, Associate Partners, and Recourses Partners. The information and examination of each client seeking assistance are separated into one of three categories of assistance, one time, short term or long-term assistance.

Sparrow's comprehensive Final Report makes it easy for partners to evaluate and participate in our One-Time Assistance, Short-Term Assistance, or Long-Term Assistance programs.

Managing Partners

Provider partners are defined as a person or corporation, or (an employee/staff member) who works with a prospective client to evaluate and make recommendations to UMI and its partners for the client's assistance based on final reports. Providers are the base user account in Sparrow and will always be approved first by authorized personal working for UMI, and will initially be created by ADE, but others can be created by the main provider of a company. All providers and staff members at a company will have individual login credentials. Their user rights will be determined by roles set by the company director/owner.

Associate Partners

Associates are defined as any person or entity outside of the provider/client relationship that may have interacted with providers or clients regarding a particular client's case. Some associate partners may perform professional services for our clients or may simply refer clients to UMI's Provider partner. Some examples of associates would be occupational therapists, doctors, psychologists, law enforcement officers, judges, probation officers, religious institutions (Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Greek Orthodox, Protestant, Mormon, Jehovah's Witnesses), social workers, and other like-kind. Associates partners can be added to Provider Partners access to allow you to have multiple resources available to help assist the client. For an associate to see any documents created, you must have a Release of Information uploaded for them.

Resource Partners

Resource partners may provide products or services to clients one time, short term, or long term. Resource Partners may provide resources directly or indirectly to clients. They also may make referrals to the Provider Partner for clients they may wish to obtain evaluation final reports and recommendations for products or services from other partners in the Sparrow system. Resource partners may include any or all of the following, Individuals, Institutions, Associations, Governments, Businesses, Organizations, and Foundations.

Clients- One-Time Assistance, Short-Term Assistance, or Long-Term Assistance

Clients are any members of the general public who may apply for assistance through any UMI partner and receive an evaluation and recommendation from a UMI Provider partner. Clients may be referred to an evaluator by any form of official that may worry about the Client's driving record, habits, or ability. Sparrow allows you to identify, interact with, and evaluate either type of client short or long-term. Clients will receive a link to register with Sparrow when you create their client record. The password they created during the registration process will allow them to complete any forms you may give them to learn more information about them.