Behavioral Health Classes

Behavioral Health Classes-1st Thursday of each quarter

SPIR101. Alcohol & Drug Addiction – The Signs and Recovery - Free

Noticing a change in demeanor in a friend or family member can be cause for alarm. Mood swings, personality changes, symptoms of withdrawal, paranoia, sweating, or a dramatic change in appearance can be signs that one could be suffering from substance addiction. Isolation, irresponsibility, and financial issues are also of concern. The first step to recovery is recognition of the problem. The recovery process can be delayed and worsen if the person that needs help lacks awareness of the situation. An intervention could help bring awareness and begin the road to recovery. Many support groups incorporate the 12-step program to recovery that include acceptance, hope, faith, courage, honesty, humility, willingness, self-discipline, and service. Local treatment facilities and community-based organizations are available as well as the confidential SAMHSA’s national helpline.

SPIR102. Know the Signs of Teen Behavior-For Parents - Free

Recognizing important clues in a teen’s behavior can be an indicator of potential future concerns. Teen depression can cause low energy, exhibited by a lack of effort or problems at school or home. They may turn to drugs or alcohol or even run away as a coping mechanism. Depression can trigger feelings of slow self-esteem, smartphone addiction, reckless behavior, aggression and violence. Avoiding eye contact, disappearing for long periods of time, and using over-the-counter preparations to reduce eye reddening or nasal irritation, and experiencing long periods of “catch up” sleep can be signs that further investigation is needed. Looking teens in the eye, watching their behavior, and searching their spaces can reveal situations that need to be addressed with the teen.

SPIR103. Senior Activities (Having fun) - Free

Explore fun activities and hobbies for older adults such as pet therapy, arts and crafts, gardening, dancing, and bird watching and how to join clubs and engage with others to enhance participation and socialization.

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