Our Mind

Our Philosophy

 When we work in unity nothing that we propose to do will be withheld from us

   Genesis 11:6

Our Mission

UMI is addressing three of societies biggest problems…

Problem 1  Fragmented, Overlapping and Duplicated Services

UMI will address the problem of fragmented, overlapping, and duplicated services being offered by administrative management and coordination of interrelated programs and services offered by Individuals, Institutions, Associations, Governments, Corporations, Organizations, and Foundations in the fight against human bondage and suffering. UMI will help solve this problem with its inclusive organizational structure and its data base management system currently under development.

Problem 2  Addictions, Homelessness, Prison & Jail Recidivism

UMI will address all forms of addictions. It will address the high rate of recidivism for prisoners being released from jails, prisons, mental health facilities, emergency rooms, hospitals, shelters and the homeless. UMI will address this problem by establishing a Unity Ministry International’s Human Restoration and Training Center. The center will deliver an 8-week restoration and training program to restore human beings vertically to God and horizontally to humankind. This will be a Center that will begin the restoration process in all seven areas of the human soul (history, mind, body, spirit, finances, family and future), both in the natural and spiritual.

ProblemLack of Gainful Employment Opportunities

UMI will address the lack of gainful employment for those who are returning to society after being in bondage. UMI will create jobs for our student graduates coming out of our Human Restoration and Training Center. UMI will accomplish new job creation by establishing six additional Restoration and Training Centers: Education Restoration and Training Center, Housing Restoration and Training Center, Transportation Restoration and Training, Financial Restoration and Training Center, Product Restoration and Training Center, and Services Restoration and Training Centers. The job skills taught will be in health services, education, housing,

Our Beliefs

“God created man in His image, in the image of God he created him, male and female He created them.”

Genesis 1:27


We believe man like God has seven spirits or seven dimensions to his soul, a “History, Mind, Body, Spirit, Finances, Family and Future”.  We believe in these seven dimensions we are created in God’s image. We believe that man can find himself in bondage in any or all of these seven dimensions.


Our Purpose

Isaiah 61:1

To undo heavy burdens, break every yoke of bondage.
To proclaim liberty to the captives, heal the broken hearted.
To open prison doors to those who are bound.